Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Party Time! has been super busy this past week and I have missed my blogging community! So much happens, within a short amount of time! We had a "Welcome Home Party" for my dad, who has been away, this past weekend! A small gathering, of 80 close family members...haha. It felt almost like a wedding reception! We had to rent all the goodies: table, chairs, and cake!! Oh the delicious cake. We actually had 5 cakes! Not only were we celebrating the homecoming but, we also had 3 birthdays (one turning 26, one turning 29...again and one turning 72!) and on top of that we were also celebrating an anniversary of 55 years! It was certainly a fun celebration. I ordered the cakes from a local bakery - and if anyone out there is in the So. Cal area doing cake shopping....I highly recommend Beverly's Best in Fullerton, CA! It was actually fun sitting in the bakery checking out all their mock wedding cakes! I had a little cake tasting envy when a bride and groom, sitting at the table next to me, were doing their tasting. Talk about huge samples! WOW. When I went to pick up the cakes, each time I walked out with one people were Ooh'ing and Aah'ing over them. If only those people got to taste them! haha! Delicious! I ordered each cake in a different flavor and a different filling - seriously...when are you lucky enough to have 5 CAKES at one place!?! The Red Velvet with White Chocolate Mousse and Fresh Strawberries seemed to impress everyone...including me! So, enough about cakes...that is where I have been the past week...but I am back now!


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