Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March Madness

We are just 4 days away from starting a new month! Can you believe we are so close to being 3 months into the new year? Seriously, the old saying about time flying is so true! Sometimes, I do not know where the time goes! So, I have been already dreaming up fun things for the March give-a-way! Trying to stick with a theme...the most celebrated day in March is St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) and even if you are not Irish - you probably wear green just to be involved in the celebration! I didn't want to go "all out Irish" and give-a-way St. Patrick's Day items so I decided (appropriately I think) that for the March give-a-way we would go green - as in eco-friendly!

I will admit I am not the most green person...maybe lime or chartreuse...and you might be in the same boat as me: you are aware of eco-friendly weddings, you know the term "going green" but you are just not sure where or how to do it. Welcome to my club! What I have learned so far in my exploration is just taking one step in the right direction will and can make a difference! I read on a site that if every couple made just one green choice for their wedding that it would be 2.5 million green choices a year! That impressed me!

 Illustration by Astrid Mueller for the Green Ass Bride
So as I learn more about this process (and welcome to the journey if you are as new to this as me!) I am turning to you out there!  

Are you incorporating anything green into your wedding or having a total green wedding? Share some ideas with all of us and let's get this party started!


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