Monday, February 15, 2010

Tea for Two...or Twenty!

A bridal tea is still a very popular way to celebrate your bridal shower! You can go to a tea room or easily create your own tea party at someone's house. A tea room will limit the time you have and the cost per person can easily run you the same as if someone hosts it in their home (where you have more time!). I have hosted a tea party...and it was a lot of fun! Here are some ideas for having a great tea party...If you are crafty and a DIY bride-to-be you are gonna have some fun ideas here for your mom and maids!!

I loved these invites:

This adorable teapot envelope is from Etsy seller Especially Invited. They are adorable and pricey at $50/10.

Vellum Overlay invites from Allison over at Etsy. These sell for $1.30 each. She also offers some really cute Thank You notes too! Check those out! Note: Envelopes are not included in the $1.30 price :(
Finally, these two ideas come from Vista Print they are priced at $7.99/10

Do you have a crafty friend (we all should have one! I do and I love her!). Well, if you or someone you know is pretty handy in the kitchen and crafty - how cute would this be to make for your table centerpiece?
You can find the recipe to this delightful Watermelon teapot here!

If your mom or grandmother does not have a tea set (I pretty much think they must!) to use you will need one for sure! I used a site called The Queens Treasures when I ordered mine. Their prices were excellent! They have ceramic tea pots for $9.99, matching creamer and sugar bowls for $4.99 set and 2-tier serving platters (which can be really expensive!) for $13.99 each! If you don't mind fake flowers I suggest checking out theirs - the prices are pretty good and the quality is excellent!
Here are the flowers I purchased from them with the Silver Ceramic Vase ($4.99)

For your tableware and decorations (and not just for a tea party - this site has everything!) I found a fabulous site with awesome prices on disposable items - such as a sugar bowl ($4.39), creamer ($2.99) and pretty serving platters. They say they are "disposable" but you can easily save these items for future use! Depending on the number of items you order from them, they also offer a discount on top of their already low prices! Check out Party At Lewis. I also thought that their prices on the Better Than Linen brand of tablecloths ($5.29 for 82" round) were great and with the added discount you are paying less than Ebay!

You can ask all the ladies to wear a funky hat to the party and you can provide other props such as Chandelle Boas (7 ft. $18 dz.), Bead Necklaces (only $2 per dozen) or some Jumbo Diamond Rings
($12 per 24 pc set)! They also have a super duper selection of faux flowers! Here is one of my top secret shops of all time! I love this site mainly because they have EXCELLENT prices! Most of their items are geared toward children (for sure check out their tutu's for flowergirls!) but you can find all the prop items I listed above at those fab prices! Check out Halo Heaven - you will not regret saving this site!

Finally, one of my most favorite decorations!! I ordered the Tussie Mussie Victorian Cones from Etsy. I used ornament holders to hang them from and then filled them with little goodies! I can not say enough about the crafter, Starry Deborah, who made them. When I got them they far exceeded my expectations! I was thrilled so if you are thinking of having Tussie Mussies check out her shop! I paid $3.50 each and they were adorable!


  1. thank you Kerrie for the lovely words about my petite tussie mussies! They look so cute on the table along side all the other fun goodies!
    I blogged a post about you if you'd like to see

  2. Ok, I don't like tea but I would LOVE to attend any party like this!!!