Saturday, February 13, 2010

Orange You Glad You Stopped By?

I couldn't help but be a little cheesy with the title. Sorry. Not really. I have been talking to myself all day about "Orange"...I adore the color. I think that people toss the idea of using orange thinking it's only for Fall weddings, but I respectfully disagree! I think, if you are one of the people who think that, you might change your mind after you read this post! Yes, orange is a perfect fall color - it pairs beautifully with brown and yellow. I found these beautiful fabric flowers from Etsy seller Milkpod Studios. The colors did remind me of Fall...

But, have you thought about Orange and Aqua Blue? No? Why not? It's a very pretty combo! For summer I also love the Orange and Hot Pink combo - but it doesn't end there! I have seen beautiful settings with Orange and Yellow and Orange and Lime Green - or a combination of any of these would be so pretty for a summer/spring wedding. These votive holders I found from Etsy seller Gamiworks, are called Tangerine Dream Japanese Chiyogami Votive Candles and I think I will be dreaming of them! At only $15.00 for a set of 3 I think it's a pretty good bargain too!
I have seen quite a few invitations with Orange while researching things I wanted to share in this post, but this invitation totally caught my eye...

I wanted to stick with focusing on Orange for Spring/Summer and partly because I loved the embellishment (and did you notice the raw edge of the paper). This invite comes from

Time for a little pom-pom fun! These hanging from some clear fishing line could be a lot of fun! We had a little gazebo that had our cake in it and we decorated each of the openings with pomanders made from real flowers, but I would totally think of using something like this if I was to do it again (don't worry, I'm not!). I loved the mix of colors - the light orange, burnt orange and ivory are stunning together. It was easy for me to vision an entire wedding with these colors! These Poms (set of 3/$15) are from Party Poms, another Etsy seller! Their store is totally worth checking out because they also sell matching napkin holders (60/$120) and garlands with mini poms (9 ft./$40).

I have saved the best for last (again!). I think I better stop doing this because you guys might get smart and just start reading from the end of the posts! Here is a true confession: I love men's ties! Not just any ordinary plain tie...but a tie that makes you stop and look. I notice these things. Strange? Perhaps. I found this AMAZING seller guessed it...Etsy by the name of Me and Matilda. The shop description says:

Custom Neckties, Bow Ties, Wedding and Bridal Accessories, Children's, Men's and Women's clothing. Outfit your ringbearer, groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids and flower girls. Simple and Modern ring pillows and baskets, unique sashes and belts, hair flowers and headbands. We offer a wide range of damask, polkadots, stripes, solids and more. Classic style with a modern twist so everyone can journey in style."

Currently, the shop has 15 pages of items for sale and I can go ahead and confess now that I went through every single page. Remember I asked you if you could envision orange and aqua blue? Well, here you go...

(click on image for larger view!)
I chose my favorites from the standard ties but...they also do bow ties (cute!). These could double as the groomsmen's gifts (the value of a good tie is priceless in my opinion!) and you could coordinate with matching pillows and baskets? Nice. Love it. 

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  1. Thanks for the feature Kerrie...& on my birthday too!! : ) I actually used orange for my summer wedding so I completely agree that it is a fabulous warm weather option - so cheerful & energized! Thx again!!