Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Think Pink!

It's another dark, cloudy rainy Southern California day....not that our weather compares anything to "snowmageddon" but still I needed something to perk up my day. I started my search for Pink Wedding Dresses. Pink is a perky, pick-me-up kinda color right? I didn't have much luck. Don't get me wrong I found LOT'S of pink wedding dresses but I narrow down my search criteria when posting things on my blog. For one, posting a $20,000 wedding dress is ridiculous. I mean, seriously...who would pay that much for a dress? Obviously, someone or Oscar wouldn't still be in business. My search criteria is usually under $1000 dollars. Here are my finds:

This dress is from the modest collection called Bliss. It is made by Bonny. This dress has the BEST price of all. Retail price of $578. The style number is 2803

This was my #1 pick for a couple of reasons - a.) I think it would look great on different body shapes b.) it is a beautiful pink color and c.) price price price! With a retail price of $598 this was one of the most affordable, pink dresses I found.  It's from Bonny and the style number is 749.

This dress is from Impression. The style number is 2975. The pink color looks more mauve to me but I loved the embellishments and the bodice. I found it priced at $675 on House Of Brides, which is why I included it here. The MSRP on House of Brides claims this dress is $1125...can't verify that but because of their price it's worth checking into!
I found one more dress from Bonny that fit my criteria. The dress is style 912 and it was priced at $778. Not bad for the dress - I am not a big fan of dropped waists - I don't think they look great on too many shapes - especially not one like mine! haha. But, the beadwork on the top of this dress is gorgeous!
My final pink dress is another I found on House of Brides. This gown barely made it into my price criteria at $1073 on House of Brides. They claim the MSRP is $1500. I liked this one a lot. The lace was very romantic. It's from Mon Cheri and the style number is 110233


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