Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Tooth

Lately, I have been craving all kinds of sweet treats! I have been on this Wedding Planning kick lately with the blog and my mind hasn't really been thinking about anything else - except for tonight! I couldn't get all these sweet treats out of my head so I thought...let's put the two together! These sweet treats can be used in wedding planning - engagement parties, bridal showers and even as wedding favors! I love wedding favors that are personal, not generic! I added a new button to Sites I Love tonight! I found it while trolling for yummies. It's a beautiful blog called Bake At 350. What amazing creations Bridget comes up with! Her post from January 28 caught my attention because lately I have been on this Scrabble kick too! Check out these amazing cookies she did for her cousin's engagement:

Amazing...right? Well, if you are a creative baker, you have to spend some time at Bridget's blog! She gives the recipe and directions on how to make these super cute cookies here!

The next thing I wanted to share is - gasp! - no longer available online, as of this typing. I am hoping it was just such a popular item that Williams-Sonoma sold out. It's the Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters. They must bring these back because I have to buy a set! I love that you can make a personal statement with them! I was on the fence about sharing them now because they aren't available on their website, but I am pretty sure they will restock them!! Also, check your local stores (I think I am heading to mine tomorrow!). This little kit is...$19.95! worth a trip to the mall with a 3 year old!

The next thing I have had on my hard drive for awhile now. I didn't know I would be using it for this blog - but it fits right in with this topic! If you are thinking of using cookies as a wedding favor this is an adorable (and creative) way to package them! It is from the goddess of weddings, Martha Stewart!
I would have never been creative enough to think about wrapping a cookie in an individual envelope - but thankfully we have Martha (and her team) to come up with these things for us! You can even find instructions how to make these here...and a video to watch as well. A little word of caution though - before you go wrapping up your yummy cookies you might want to find something for the cookies to sit on so the oil will not leak through your beautiful paper! I found some Mini Cardboard Cake Rounds that would probably work perfect and they come in a package of 25 for $4.99.

So, there you go! Happy baking...happy eating! :)


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