Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding Planning 101 - Part 6

I am going to take a break in all the major planning you have to do while preparing for The Big Day and in this post talk about your Save The Date Cards. If you are not familiar with all the terms - and lets be honest, who is unless you are a paper diva - then I suggest you learn about all the different options you have for paper and printing. I found a nice little tutorial that will get you started at Beau-Coup. They make it pretty easy to figure out what all your paper options are.

Let's start with our Save The Date cards, because pretty much that will be the first paper/printed item you send out once you have set your date. Save the date cards have taken over the standard wedding announcement cards. I love them because you have so many options. There has been a lot of buzz lately on this Epic Save The Date video created by Erin and Jeff. It is totally amazing and creative! I can only imagine what their wedding will be like if it's starting like this!

I found this picture and had to add it! Wow if you are lucky enough to live in Sydney I would check out this photographer for sure! I love her work...and this Save The Date shoot was adorable! It's so awesome to see such creative work! Kudos to you Caspix!

One site I love for Save The Dates is Shutterfly. They are affordable, fast and the best part: they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That is pretty amazing - considering that usually on printed items once you buy it, it's yours forever. I have to give a shout out to them for having this policy. Shutterfly has plenty of STD cards to choose from - with or without pictures! They also offer other items to go along with your choice, which ties everything together!

If you want to get crafty on your Save The Date cards you need to head over to my favorite craft site, Etsy!
I found these cute tags that can be used for a DIY project! I can imagine a cute heart circled around your date...

If you want to DIY well then I suggest you check out I can't say enough about this company! They have everything you need to DIY! I used them for a lot of my DIY invitations. They offer some great tutorials and guides like:
If you decide DIY is not an option but you love the work at Paper-Source (like me!) then they do offer printing services. Keep in mind...the folks over here know and love paper and they are very creative guessed it, they are not cheap! I still have to give mad love to them though because they know their stuff!

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  1. I actually read this post AFTER I did my g-friend's bridal shower invites (which took three straight days). Thanks for posting these because I will be using the guidelines for my own invites.