Friday, January 22, 2010

Seeing Red! Beautiful Red Wedding Dresses!

The sun has been missing for a week in Southern California...and cabin fever is starting to set in! I seriously need a pick-me-up! Something to brighten these dark, cloud filled days. I have also had Valentine's Day on my mind - who couldn't? In every store you went in right after Christmas they had valentine items already on display! It reminded me of a dress that I fell in love with years ago. I am not sure about this but, to my knowledge, it was the very 1st mainstream red wedding dress to hit the was a BEAUTIFUL silk gown made by English designer Ian Stuart. It was nicknamed "Valentine" for obvious reasons! It was a stunning gown in person (I had it in my store and actually sold a few of them to bold brides!). Ian Stuart set the bar though...

 This dress can probably still be found today if you searched hard enough on the net! It even came with the matching choker! Thinking of this dress brought me back to another dress - in RED. This one is a little different though - and not mainstream at all.

This delectable, sweet candy dress was made with 1000 Lindt chocolate balls! This dress was called the Lindor Dress and debuted in December of 2007! When I remembered this dress it brought a HUGE smile to my face! Mmmmm...

While thinking about this post I stumbled across a few things I also felt I needed to share! I found the most amazing photographer - Rosie Parsons. Oh why, oh why do you have to live across the pond? I seriously fell in love with her work! You have to check out her blog! Lovely!! And look at this photo she shot of this gorgeous red tea length gown:

These days almost every wedding designer out there has a red dress in their line. They are amazing, striking wedding gowns that only the bold would wear! I love them all. Back in the day that lovely Ian Stuart gown would set you back about $1800.

Here are some other options from Bonny that are between $800 - $1150...

This dress is by Maggie Sottero. I have seen various prices on the net for it but I just loved the color and the tulle.

And if you plan on being a Red Hot Bride...well then of course you must check out this fab website that is dedicated to just red wedding gowns! Warning: If you were just THINKING of red and you go to this site - you will leave with your mind 100% made up! It's awesome!

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  1. Sooo Sexy and Unique --- WoW what a great Valentines Day Wedding Dress~! I love it and no I had never thought of Red as a wedding dress color, but....I do now.