Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Planning 101 - Part 5

Holy cow! I think this wedding planning thing is turning into a mini-novel. I am feeling a little overwhelmed for the brides out there and seriously wondering how I ever pulled off my own wedding! The truth is...a lot of experience made it easy for me and I had a great group of people that helped me. My wish for everyone out there planning is that you have a wonderful support group - weddings are stressful. It's ok to admit it. I mean you are only getting ready to change your entire life AND plan the biggest party you will ever have. So, pretty much we are now about mid-way through the planning process! If you have missed any of the steps check the following blog posts again:

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Now would be a good time to trim that guest list! We are at the stage where we are going to be ordering our invitations and these can get costly - depending on where you order from and the quantity you need! This is also the time to finalize your choice of wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses take at least 12 weeks to special order. You have to make sure you add in time for alterations as well so, giving yourself 14 - 16 weeks would be great! Your registry should be all finished - you are going to have a bridal shower soon and you need to be ready! There are a lot of little loose ends to tie up now too...

  • The wedding cake should be ordered
  • Since your dress is on order you need to find your headpiece, jewelry, undergarments, and accessories
  • Decide where you are renting the tuxes for the males in the party - one great idea here is to remember those out of town! Choose a tux shop that is in multiple cities - might make it easier on the guys!
  • Choose favors - there are so many options these days! I have highlighted some ideas for wedding favors in another blog post - check them out here. This area of the blog will just keep growing and growing because there are so many ideas for favors! Favors are a great way to personalize your day!
  • Time to decide on a honeymoon!
  • Purchase a wedding present for your groom - and hope he uses it! I say this because I bought my husband an ipod...which is currently (and has been) sitting in its box on top of the closet! But, I really shouldn't's next to the wedding gifts he bought me too :)
  • Order the following items: cake topper - I blogged about some comical cake toppers here, place cards (or make your own), toasting glasses, and other decorations for the wedding or reception - guest book, pen, picture frame (if you are having your guests sign one)
  • Finally the last thing to do at this time...make wedding day appointments for hair and makeup - which I hope you already had a trial with someone!


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