Sunday, January 3, 2010

Modest Maids

Well, our first give-a-way is in full swing! I am thrilled about the positive feedback! So, I thought I should post a dress of the day! I have been looking around at bridesmaid dresses, so today I have multiple dresses to share! There has been a lot of talk about "modest" bridal gowns being in style but I have hardly heard any talk about modest bridesmaid dresses. This set me on a search to find some modest bridesmaid dresses that fit my criteria for maids dresses. There are three opinions I have when it comes to bridesmaid dresses:

  • Not every "body" is the same
  • Dresses should be stylish enough to be able to wear again
  • Bridesmaid dresses should be affordable
Let's be is nearly impossible for a group of women to agree on one style! So, allowing girls to choose their own style eliminates the hassle of dress shopping. Also, if your girls are spread out all over this will make them choosing a dress pretty easy as well. Here are some of my favorite modest bridesmaid dresses :

I think this dress is so pretty and romantic. I love the hemline! The waist and fabric also win me over - Chiffon is a great fabric on all body shapes. This dress comes in a lot of colors too: White, Ivory, Blush, Coral, Yellow, Celadon, Palomino, Cloudy, Chocolate, Sky, Cornflower, Royal, Midnight, Pink, Lilac, Orchid, Aubergine, Black and Claret. Price is about $180.00 - Style 7834 from Bonny Special Occasions

This is a dress I currently own in my closet! I purchased it in black and had it hemmed to a tea length style. It's a mock two piece - which flattered my body shape. I had to include in this post because I have used this dress multiple times! I got my money's worth from it. It comes in the following colors: White, Ivory, Sky, Celedon, Cornflower, Lilac, Orchid, Aubergine, Claret, Midnight and Black. Price is about $180.00 Style 7452 from Bonny Special Occasions

This dress reminded me of Sex In The City...I could totally see Carrie wearing this dress. Although it wouldn't look great on all body types I had to include it in this post because it is so stylish! It is available in the following colors: white, ivory, gold, mist, vintage rose, lavender, light blue, new blue, misty blue, peacock, moss, olive, golden brown, tangerine, red, orchid, black/red, magenta, sapphire, black/silver, black. Price is about $135.00 - $140.00 Style 334 from Bari Jay Bridesmaids

Sadly, I searched my favorite bridesmaids designers...Jasmine, Dessy, After Six and Alfred Angelo and not one of these designers have a stylish modest dress! Get with it guys! Not everyone wants a strapless, halter or spaghetti strap dress! Tip on ordering bridesmaid dresses: don't forget to ask the store you are dealing with for your bridal gown if they offer a discount for maids dresses! 


  1. The top dress would be ideal for a mature bride who wanted an informal modest wedding dress.

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