Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sparkle! Sparkle! Sparkle!

Thinking of a unique way to have a memorable send off? Well, here it is...sparklers! What an amazing photo opt this would be. I have been researching these today and have found some great sources for you. Of course, you need to remember to ask your reception facility if they can be used. Sparklers come in a variety of sizes. If you are doing the send off the 36" is the best size - they have the longest burn time. But if you were thinking of using them in a display, the smaller size sparklers will work, such as this display in a glass jar:

Or these novelty sparkers:

 You can also use the smaller sparklers to set up just a photo opt for you and the groom. Smaller sparklers can be used to form a heart such as this:

If you are going to use them as favors for your guest you can bundle a few of them up with a cute hang tag! Simply punch a hole through these and tie with a cute ribbon! $8.75 for 12 cards! I found these on Etsy:

I found a great website for information on wedding sparklers and anyone considering them must check this site out and read all about safety and how to use. The website is:

Prices vary depending on what site you go to. I found a great resource for purchasing wedding sparklers (price: $65.00 per box of 48 pcs and free shipping!) and this business started from the brides own wedding! You will find some great photos and suggestions on how to use wedding sparklers here:

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  1. We have new HEART sparklers available at - largest available in the US and beautiful!