Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Big Day Timeline - Template

For my wedding, I did a lot of the invites myself - from the bridal shower to the after party and brunch. I found some templates (that I want to share on my blog) as well as used software purchased from a company called Mountain Cow. The software I purchased was called Printing Press. The cost is $29.99 and I can tell you it saved me a TON of money! So, today I am going to attempt to upload my first template that you should be able to download. :) I say this with a smile because this is my first attempt at adding something a user would be able to download from my blog. If you run into any problems - just email me! I have the document in Word format so you can easily change the wording to fit your timeline.

I used paper purchased from Masterpiece Studios. It was called Tickled Pink from the LUX line. The paper came in sets of 10 with 10 envelopes:

The texture of the paper, which is hard to see online, is a shimmery pink. It's very soft and very pretty! I used the template and created my own time line. I printed the items on my personal printer. Here was the finished look:

And here is the template that you can download to do this yourself!
Big Daytime Line Template


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