Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What a Great Time!

Well, we survived our Girls Road Trip! It was a great trip (from Southern California to Phoenix). The only sad thing is when you are done helping your friends and seeing have to say goodbye and come home! :(

The weekend started off by attending the bridal show being held at the Convention Center in downtown Phoenix! Talk about PACKED! Wow. Wall to wall people and vendors! I was amazed at the number of photographers at the show. (*note to should limit the number in each category!) Sliding off topic for a little bit there...We got to sample some food, sample some cake, sample some make up and hair ideas and sample cake...oh I said that already, right? Whoops! Must have passed by that vendor twice! :) haha.

We got some information that our friend may find useful, but overall we went for the experience and well, I will would have been awesome if she won one of the dresses being given away every HOUR!!

The next day we stopped in a shop called "Yes I Do" in Chandler, AZ. What a GREAT little shop this was! We have been to me when I call a shop GREAT it is well deserved! The owners and helpers were so nice....went out of their way to help us and make sure we were all ok - including our 2.5 year old flower girl!!If you live in this are and you are getting married I urge you to give them a try (and your business!). They were AWESOME!

The shop is located at: 71 West Boston Street, Chandler
Arizona 85225 Phone: 480-821-6789

 FINALLY, it looks like the dress choice was down to two!

Getting a little excited now to see which dress will win! I like both of them for various reasons! But, I don't want to throw out any bias so I will refrain from discussing my favorites until the bride announces her's! :)


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