Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Brooch Approach

The nice thing about a brooch is that it can be used again and again - even after the wedding! If you want to add a little bling here and there or if you want to add some vintage style to your wedding - a brooch is a way to accomplish both.

These beautiful brooches were all found on http://www.ecrater.com and the prices are FAB! The first one is $7.95 plus shipping and the three other styles are $10.00 plus shipping! In addition to your own bouquet, a brooch would make a perfect gift for your bridesmaids! You could have them tied onto their bouquets or adorn their dresses and then add in a scarf or wrap as part of their "thank you" gift.  Just picturing these on a hand-tied bouquet brings me a happy feeling! Imagine how much they would glam up your bouquet?!

A brooch also adds a little style to your wedding gown - this is a simple adornment that can add a lot of sparkle - without being overdone.

And finally...let's not forget the cake! Here is an example of cake decorating without fresh flowers!

Here are some resources I found with some VERY affordable brooches:


Photo Credits: Antique Bridal Brooch Bouquet - Krista Handfield Photography, Pink Bouquet - http://www.jsrphotography.com, Purple Bouquet - http://www.belleoftheballdesigns.com
Cake Brooch - http://www.weddingbycolor.com/aimee114/milestones/102777, Wedding Gown: Bonny Bridal Style 737


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