Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Buying a new dress or a sample dress

A friend of a friend went dressing shopping over the weekend. She went into this store that is closing and they have all their dresses marked down - but the problem (or is it one?) is that she has to buy the store sample gown. The discount isn't that great and there are beads missing and it would need to be cleaned. I started thinking about the pros of buying, what essentially, is a used dress. The one thing that stands out, of course, is price. In this particular case I didn't think the discount warranted the problems with buying a dress that needed so much work. This is when good negotiating tactics come into play! Buying a new dress you have to wait (average time is 3 months for delivery). Some brides may not have this time, so buying off the rack or a sample dress is the only way to go. The dress she tried on was similar to this one - but this one has a detachable train - which I love! You can save a lot of money on alterations having a dress with detachable train! But, the best thing about this dress is the dropped waist with the gathers in the middle. It is super flattering on the body!

A special "Thank You" to Bonny for allowing me to use their image


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