Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White, Ivory or...Diamond White!

Colors, colors, colors. Now your wedding gown can come in a variety of colors. Let's be honest though the percentage of brides who will NOT wear a white wedding gown has to be pretty small right? Before, you had a choice of White or Ivory and now we throw into the mix the color Diamond White. What is Diamond White? It's basically a creamy version of white. It's not as stark as white and it's not as yellow as Ivory. It's actually a color that works with many skin tones and because it is a soft color I think it photographs beautifully! You would probably be surprised by how many dresses are photographed for the magazine ads in this color - because with the proper lighting it does come off as white in photos. I love the color and I love dresses in that color! Here are three dress that are sampled in Diamond White...can YOU tell the difference?

Dresses courtesy of Bonny Bridal


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