Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Painting your own Wedding Palette

I was reading a book called "Countdown To Your Perfect Wedding" and it offered these interesting ideas for wedding colors. Some I really like, some I have seen in person at weddings already and some I would LOVE to see. Now that I have some colors to work with I can put on my "Great Buy" shades and start shopping for deals! This is what I love to do!! Find things I love and then find the best deal possible on them. Lucky for you my passion for finding afforable, cool things gets passed on right here for you to see! Now, here are the color schemes I will be working with:

•Tangerine with Azure Blue and a shot of Espresso

•Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Celadon Green and a splash of Purple Wine

•Glossy White, Metallic Grey, Bold Magenta and Sleek Black ... very Chanel

•Dark Cocoa, Seafoam Mint, Metallic Silver on Ivory

•Blueberry, Raspberry, Lavender, Black and Charcoal Gray

•Jewel tones mixed with antique metallic for Fall and Winter

•Reinvent the wheel on Black and White, add a splash of apple green; or if you’ve already seen enough "green" weddings, try citrus yellow instead!
So, I plan to pick out one or two and start surfing for bridal deals. What about YOUR color scheme? Share it with me (if you are still looking for affordable items in your theme I can use my "Great Buy" shades and look for you too!!!)


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