Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photo Booths

Photo booths are a hot new trend for weddings and you can bet if I was planning my wedding now I would incorporate a photo booth in it! For older guests it will bring back a little nostalgia, for the younger guests...well look out! You will probably get some pretty candid shots from them! Some photo booths will offer guests two copies - which would be perfect for you to incorporate into a Guest Book: have guests leave a photo with comments next to it. You could also use the pictures as your wedding favor! Photo booths are a great way to create special keepsakes from your wedding - for you AND your guests!

Some important question to ask a Photo Booth rental company:

  • Do they provide you with a CD compilation of your day’s photos
  • Do they place them online for you and your loved ones to access, share, and print
  • Do they offer a scrap booking option and how much extra is it
  • Ask about Photo Resolution - you want to make sure you will get the clearest, sharpest pictures
  • Ask about Booth Size - classic booths are a little smaller inside than digital booths. Make sure you know how many people will fit inside before booking
  • Do they offer a Booth Attendant. It's important that someone knows how to work it or fix it, should there be any problem

There are two types of photo booths: Vintage (black and white photos) and Digital (color photos). I like the classic look and feel of vintage photos, personally.

Some fun ideas to think of if you are planning on having a photo booth:

Have some fun "props" on hand for your guests to use: Use themed items for your wedding or be daring with feather boas, Oversized sunglasses, Magic Wands, Mardi Gras masks, clown wigs, oversized get the idea! Another suggestion: have a small chalkboard on hand for guests to use to incorporate messages to the bride and groom.If you want to get fancy...I also saw a photo of a personalized "Admit One" ticket that you could use for guests. Here are a couple of website I found that will custom print these tickets:

Design your own tickets - Prices start at $65 for 250 tickets

If you don't want to do a custom printed ticket you can head down to your local office supply/party supply store but keep in mind these "Admit One" tickets are usually sold in rolls of 2000.

These photos were viewed at Martha Stewart


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